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Stat shot

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We now have the Twitters! Posted 13th June 2012

Somehow our I.T. TEAM has managed to get this working.

See them for yourself: @overoveractive

Smell Posted 21st May 2012

The strange smell on the third floor remains. Cleaning staff are baffled, though they haven't ruled out something to do with dog shit.

Hambuggered Posted 2nd April 2012

Overactive Solutions' hostile multi-million pound takeover of the Wimpy fast food chain has been successful. We now own all two outlets country wide. No one can remember quite why the decision was made to buy Wimpy. The knives and forks?

Silly Billie Posted 15th March 2012

Billie from HR doesn't know where France is.

Crichton Mighty! Posted 2nd February 2012

Everyone agrees that Michael Crichton's smash hit novella '"Jurassic Parks"' would make a terrific film.

Dog 2 Posted 7th January 2012

The dog in charge of Procurement bit Elaine in HR. Elaine was later put down by a trained vet. Our condolences to her children.

Like a Lifer Posted 20th December 2011

Shiv incidents within Overactive Solutions drug bivouacs are down 0.000002 percent.

Oh, Sugar! Posted 27th November 2011

Sir Alan Sugar paid us a visit last week. He seemed drunk and confused, believing Colin in marketing to be his dead Mother, brought back to life by Lucifer or '"he who walks backwards"'.

Dog Posted 27th October 2011

Last Tuesday a dog somehow entered the building, despite having no pass to show security. The entire security staff were fired. The dog was offered a managerial role in Procurement.

e-mail! Posted 11th September 2011

We now have e-mail!

Brandy Posted 4th August 2011

Brand awareness is at an all time high; almost thirty percent of our staff now have some idea of who we are.

Safety Record! Posted 20th July 2011

Just one day to go and Overactive Solutions can proudly state that no members of staff were crushed, impaled, gassed, electrocuted, defenestrated, and/or suffocated this week!

Update: Freelancers not considered '"members of staff"'.

Fat Janice Posted 1st July 2011

Janice Gladwell celebrated thirty years of loyal service this month. It is with great sadness that we must announce the decision to fire Janice for continuously refusing her line manager's requests to become '"less fat"'. Janice will be missed by many; something that was never going to happen whilst she worked here. Because of the size thing. Huge.